Summer Time First Aid Kit

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Summer time offers special issues with regards to the first aid kit. There's the issue of sunburns, bee stings, scrapes and cuts if kids are outside playing, if you're hiking you may have to deal with insects or plants that cause itching or rash. Even if you're not out hiking in the wilderness you may want a first aid kit for traveling.

 A basic first aid kit has plenty to offer, but I also like to have things more specific to our needs. I also want those things to be natural products. Check here for safe sunscreen and other skin care products.

 Every summer we spend a week doing outdoor activities. We sometimes go hiking, or looking for a slow river to swim in, we generally do a river float, and spend time swimming, biking, and visiting parks. I like to have a well-rounded first aid kit with as many natural remedies as possible, not just for the time on vacation but for the trip to get their as well. A couple of the kids have issues with motion sickness so that's something we have to be prepared for as well.

 This is a list of my favorite natural products to have on hand for the expected things that might come up.  I tried to put several different options under each category for budget and other considerations. Chose whichever works best for your budget.

 Sunscreen - with or without anti-bug:

  • Anti-Bug Sunscreen Cream SPF 34 W.S. Badger Company

  • Goddess Garden Everyday Natural Sunscreen

 Bug protection:

  • Anti-Bug Balm Travel Stick .60 oz W.S. Badger Company

  • Anti Bug Shake & Spray 2.7 fl oz W.S. Badger Company

 After Sun care:

  • After Sun Balm W.S. Badger Company

  • MyPainAway After Burn Cream 

  • Summer Solstice After Sun Relief - Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care

  • After-Sun Gel Continuous Spray Goddess Garden

For sunburn, scraps, and other minor burns:

  • CareStat Wound Dressing Gel American Biotech Labs

 For motion sickness:

  • Motion Sickness 50 tabs Hylands

  • Chewable Ginger 90 tabs Natural Factors

  • Hevert Motion Sickness Relief 100 tabs Hevert Pharmaceuticals

  • Nausea & Motion Sickness 2 oz SafeCare RX

 For stomach upset, also may be helpful post motion sickness:

  • Tummy Tonic Alcohol-Free Gaia Herbs

  For dry, allergic, or irritated eyes: 

  • Allergy Eye Relief 20 singles Similasan

  • Dry Eye Relief 20 singles Similasan

Where to purchase

Purchase wherever natural products are sold or from my online dispensary. If you purchase through my store you get 15% discount on me, and you’re getting the highest quality products available. Additionally, orders over $49 get free shipping!