IBS - Getting to the Root of It

When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves..png


I used to think I had done something to cause this. Was I was too stressed? What did I eat to deserve this pain? Am I not taking enough fiber? Too much fiber? Do I need probiotics? Am I exercising too much? Not enough? Etc, forever….

I finally decided not to spend time and energy worrying about what I had done to cause this. I didn't do anything to cause this, it happens for a variety of reasons. I didn't need to understand what symptoms may or may not mean about something I did. I needed to find someone who knew how to systematically tease out what was going on, and focus on getting to the root cause.

What is the root cause of IBS? Researchers have been studying this for years. Naturopathic physicians have been treating some of the causes well before research was there to back it up.

→ Food sensitivity

→ Disruption in the brain-gut axis

→ Low grade inflammation in the gut

→ Gut dysmotility

→ Alterations of the gut microbiota

→ Leaky gut

And more….

It can be overwhelming when you see the how many things can be involved in the onset and continual symptoms of IBS. If we look at this list another way it means there is so much you can do to manage it and get to the root cause!

Because I’m a Naturopathic Physician I use a whole lot of info from lab testing, food sensitivity testing, and GI stool testing, among other things. I focus on getting to the root cause, and helping you understand how your body works, how your gut responds to treatments and how that directs treatment going forward. I find out your specific symptoms to determine which diet, foods, supplements, or pharmaceuticals will best help you manage your symptoms, treat the root cause, and get your digestive wellness back!