6 Tips For Reducing Hot Flashes

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6 Tips For Reducing Hot Flashes


1. Modulate your temperature with clothing so you body has less extreme changes to deal with. If it's cold outside bundle up before going out. Start removing layers before you get back into a warm environment.

2.  Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption.

3. Avoid hot, spicy food and hot drinks. These both contribute to hot flashes.

4. Decrease or avoid caffeine as it is known to trigger hot flashes.

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5. Reduce stress as much as possible. Take on less, get to bed a little earlier, take up meditation, or a relaxing walk to combat stress.

6. Consume soy. Research has shown that women consuming 2-3 servings of soy isoflavones per day have a significant reduction in hot flashes. Additionally, women with more severe hot flashes benefited more from consuming soy. 

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