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Frequent Irritable Bowel Syndrome interrupting your lifestyle?

Let's Schedule an IBS Relief Consultation where we will:

  • Identify which type of IBS you are suffering from

  • Discover the cause of your irritable bowel syndrome

  • Develop your custom treatment plan to help you get back to enjoying your life without IBS…..naturally

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



I’m Dr. Mayatte, I specialized in helping those with IBS symptoms. The most important goal when I work with someone is creating a custom treatment plan to get back their health, their energy and get back to enjoying life as quickly as possible.


Discover The Cause

Let’s go beyond symptom relief and discover the cause of your IBS. Once we do that we can work together to develop YOUR custom treatment plan.

Dr. Mayatte - Irritable bowel syndrome doctor Lynnwood WA

Work With A Doctor Who Knows

It can be frustrating to try to figure out on your own how to fix your digestive issues. Having an expert to help you, who knows what it’s like to struggle with digestive issues, can make all the difference in how quickly you get your life back.

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Start Enjoying Life Again

Get on the road to healing so you can start enjoying you life again instead of worrying about being near a bathroom.


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